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, jpmorgan chase and bank of america, temporarily lowered their debt just before reporting it to the public presumably in an effort to help their stock price. >>> apple's upgrade for the iphone and ipad will be available this summer. the new program will allow users to run more than one program at a time. the company did not confirm any plans to make the iphone available through verizon or other mobile carriers. >>> and competition is gearing up following ipad's launch. hewlett-packard is showing off its yet to be released tablet computer called the slate. the company says it has what the ipad doesn't, a camera, the ability to play flash video, and a usb port. >>> and we finally made it. today is tax freedom day, the day when most americans have worked long enough to pay their taxes for the year. it comes a day later than last year, but two weeks earlier than in 2007. so, michelle, congratulations to us both. it's a friday and it's tax freedom day. >> it is friday. the weekend's here. all right, ashley morrison here in new york. thanks. >>> and you'll also be happy to learn this morning tha
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. they're not alone. under constant attack, corporate america is losing critical data to overseas competitors robbing the u.s. economy of up to $20 billion a year. most worrisome is the risk to the u.s. power grid, a 6 million mile web of electrical distribution lines powering up nearly 145 million homes and businesses. all controlled by computer commands and open to cyber attack. this american hacker known as mudge knows firsthand how vulnerable these systems are. ten years ago, he bored in to regional telecom and utility networks. within a week, he'd worked out how to take most of them down. >> it was terrifying. it was absolutely terrifying. that was my epiphany was if i figured it out, other people figured it out, also. >> reporter: the government is quietly hiring hackers to learn their secrets. last month, mudge began working for the secretive research arm of the department of defense. however, the u.s. is playing catchup. countries like china and russia are dedicated considerable resources to the cyber battlefront while the u.s. has been slow to react. >> so establish the p
been disagreements among democrats, the obama administration and republicans over just how america's financial system should be reformed. the sweeping financial reform bill is just hours away from its biggest test yet. >> 18 months ago, people broke into our home, stole everything in our house, and we haven't even changed the locks on the place yet. >> reporter: this afternoon, the senate will vote on whether to begin debate on the measure aimed at reigning in wall street and preventing another economic meltdown. democrats need the support of at least one republican to move ahead, but that may be tough. >> it's my expectation that we will not go forward with this partisan bill. >> reporter: the gop is holding out for big changes including dropping a multibillion dollar bailout fund financed by large banks. conservatives also think a new consumer protection agency would create too much bureaucracy. hoping to lock in at least a couple of republican votes, senate democrats agreed to tighten the rules on derivatives. the complex securities are widely blamed for triggering the financial
travels to the kennedy space center today to officially unveil his new plans for america's manned space program. the plan already has its share of critics, including some of this country's most famous astronauts. tara mergener is in washington with details. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. well, president obama will be the first sitting president in 12 years to visit the kennedy space center, but the message he brings will no doubt be a tough sell. >> liftoff. >> reporter: the u.s. space program is about to embark on a brand new journey. >> it's an abrupt departure from the way they've done things in the past. >> reporter: today at the kennedy space center, the president will announce plans to speed up the development of a new heavy lift rocketship, extend the space station's life by five years, and send man to mars. but he'll also pull the plug on a project to return to the moon. gone, too, is the space shuttle program which the bush administration had ordered into retirement. instead, the obama administration wants to rely on private companies to fly into space. nasa wou
are still looking for him. >>> the boy scouts of america have been found negligent for not protecting a boy from sexual molestation. a judge in oregon read the jury verdict that found the scouts failed to prevent repeated sexual abuse by a scout master decades ago. the plaintiff hugged relatives after the verdict, which awarded him $1.4 million. the scouts could face up to $25 million in punitive damages to be decided in a separate phase of the trial. >>> a search will resume this morning in florida for haleigh cummins. the 5-year-old girl disappeared from her family's trailer more than a year ago. family members met with the sheriff yesterday as investigators searched the st. john's river until dark. the sheriff won't say what he told the family, and would not say if the case is now a homicide investigation. >>> another missing florida girl was found alive. nadia bloom, who has an autism-related disorder, had been missing since last friday. she was rescued from a swamp about a half mile from her home. whit johnson reports. >> reporter: after four tense days of searching, 11-year-old nadia
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on people in america is not good news. sandra hughes has the shocking results of a new government survey. >> reporter: stop someone on any street in america and chances are you'll find a chronic health problem. >> a little high on the cholesterol. >> i have high cholesterol, yes. >> reporter: this man has high blood pressure. >> i'm hoping i can get off this medication. >> reporter: they have plenty of company. the centers for disease control has startling new data about the state of our health. 45% of americans, almost half the entire adult population, has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. conditions that are killing us. >> each one of these conditions is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which is one of the leading causes of death in the u.s. >> reporter: even more frightening, the study finds 13% of americans have two of the conditions. and 3% are struggling with all three. the cause? science points to americans' growing waistline. we're eating too much and exercising too little. the latest statistics show that one-third of americans are obese. >> you eat a l
on america is still on the table. in an enter swru cnbc, obama said a value added tax works in other countries and would be novel in the u.s. many european countries impose a value added tax which taxes the value that is added at each stage of production for certain commodities. >>> well, ben franklin has gotten a high-tech facelift because counterfeiters love $100 bills so much, the government unveiled a new one wednesday. it's a lot tough iter to copy. among the new feature, a blue 3d security ribbon on the front plus an image of a bell inside and i think well changes color as you move the bill. the new $100 go into circulation next year. >>> and what do you get if that special someone who has absolutely everything? how about their own personal greek island. 40 private islands are now available for sale. they're beautiful, but they don't come cheap p one could set you back as much as $13 million. and, emily, when you think about it, that way houses can be 20, 30, 40, 50. a who island for $13 million? it's kind of a deal. >> and nice to have friends in high places. thank you, ashley
. by 2008, the housing crisis had taken its toll on the company and it was purchased by bank of america. >>> goldman sachs is promising to fight fraud charges. wall street was rocked friday when the sec hit the bank with allegations it had intentionally misled investors with the sale of some of it mortgage investments just as the housing market was beginning to collapse. goldman stock dropped 13% following the charges. >>> the airlines have finally met a fee they don't like. american, delta, united, us airways and jet blue have all pledged not to charge passengers for carry-on bags spp spirit airlines recently announced plans to charge up to to $45 to put a bag this overhead bin. >>> and a major upset at the weekend box office. "how to train your dragon" just edged the super hero action comedy in a contest almost too cho to call. both films took in about $20 million. the 3d animated adventure was a disappointment, though, when it opened a month ago, but has made a comeback as of late. >> did you ever think you'd be saying those words on air, kick ass? items he a movie title, so he so --
. president obama outlines his plan for america's future in space. >>> and when stunts go bad. a brazilian air ace pushes it a little too far. this is the "cbs morning news" little too far. this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, april 16th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. it may be days if not longer before international air travel returns to normal. the ash cloud from a volcano in iceland has forced air space to be shut down across much of western europe stranding passengers on both sides of the atlantic. more airports were closed this morning and at least half of all transatlantic flights are expected to be canceled today. tara mergener is in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, no question this will be another rough day for international travel. in fact, we just learned from uk aviation authorities there will be no flights over england until at least saturday. and that will certainly cause a ripple effect around the globe. it's going to be the same scene at many airports around the world today.
or the right, that we were going to do what was best to secure america's energy independence. >> reporter: a short walk down from the white house is the president's personal basketball court. we were joined by clark kellogg of cbs sports. >> i hear you've got game, harry. i'm feeling a little tense about this. although i do have the home court advantage. >> exactly. we're on your turf. >> mr. president, the question is, that everybody wants to know, can you go to your right? >> i can go to my right, but i prefer my left. >> reporter: he doesn't always sink his famous jump shot. >> i got a few other things on my mind. it's like health care. i always come from behind. i finish strong. >> and you can see more of harry's exclusive interview with the president, that will be later this morning on "the early show." i'm bianca solorzano. and this is the "cbs morning news." so kate you were stressed, a lot of junk food on the go and you were... a little irregular, sluggish. my daughter needed activia! so i gave it a try and wow. it works. now she has a spring on her step. i'm loving it, every morn
has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >>> a look at two of america's most notorious crime cities. how one is making its streets safer while the other battles growing violence. our special report tonight only on the "cbs evening news." >> announcer: "moneywatch" sponsored by vagisil screening kit. the answer you can count on. the answer you can count on. build your better breakfast at subway! for only $2.50, get a western egg white muffin melt, made-to-your-order, and add a 16-oz. cup... of freshly brewed seattle's best coffee. try the new $2.50 breakfast combo at subway. ♪ fancy feast created a way to celebrate any moment. fancy feast appetizers. [dinner bell chimes] simple high quality ingredients like wild alaskan salmon, white meat chicken, or sea bass and shrimp in a delicate broth, prepared without by-products or fillers. fancy feast appetizers. celebrate the moment. >>> scary looking accident caught on video in washington, d.c. as a towering kitchen ventilation shaft broke loose from a building and went crashing down. fortunately, nearby workers had noticed it was
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slick could be america's worst environmental disaster in decades. >>> one of five suspects accused of the deadly shooting in southeast has entered a guilty plea. nathaniel sims plead guilty to the murder. >>> it's friday and howard has a forecast you might like. >> get ready for the short and the hawaii shirt. it will be toasty especially sunday afternoon. maybe a little storm but white warm. st. louis at this hour is 73. memphis is 68. a lot of warm weather just a thousand miles or so to the west and that will be moving in over the next couple of days. we sit at 54 with 43 in frederick and culpeper. 81 in martinsburg and cumberland but low 40s to low 50s out there. we will warm up quickly today. a chilly start and warm finish. 70s for lunchtime. low 80s for a high and even warmer over the weekend. >> we like that. i'm wearing cashmere. getting used to that cold weather. i have to readjust. >>> talking about construction. it is a construction filled friday morning. road crews are here and then at kenilworth you will lose the right lane and right center lane but it should be cleared
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)